About Simply Writing Blog




Editorial Policy

My Simply Writing Blog is simply this: I’m writing toward clarity.


I will cover subjects to help you work toward your small business communication goals. Let me know if you want me to gather info and write toward clarity on any specific subject. Let’s make this a conversation … a conversation toward clarity. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.


Making it all the way to clarity starts with chaos. The chaos of lots of ideas, both good and bad, data dumps, competing agendas, complicated needs, too much information, too little information—it’s all very much part of the creative process. It’s daunting, but worth it, when you get to the other side with a message that meets your goals. Writing helps me clarify things, both personally and in my projects for clients.


At times, this blog may be a little eclectic. I don’t want to get bored writing it and I don’t want you to get bored reading it. So, sometimes I’m going to take recess and I’m going to find ways for you to take virtual recess. As someone who was tagged as the creative in the meeting, I was very aware that I wasn’t the only creative in the room. You don’t have to write or design to be creative. And all creatives need to be nourished with creative renewals and refreshes. So, yes, there will be recess.


I will also explore my writing craft because that’s what I do…I am a writer. I like words, and know their worth in our society. Words make things happen. I hope to entertain you also. So what’s in it for you? While working on my craft I learn as much as I can about writing and communicating with audiences, all things that small business owners need to succeed. As I continue to learn I’ll share it with you in this blog and in other sections of my Simply Writing website. Although I’m focused on providing pertinent information for small businesses, I’m going to think broadly about what is pertinent. And if you’re in a DIY frame of mind, you can tell your own story because you’ll learn what it takes to communicate with your customers through the principles of how to write to connect with your customers.


I hope to be a conversation starter but also give you tips, tricks and tactics. I like to experiment and will do that with content to see what works for you so let me know. From time to time, I’ll feature infographics, podcasts, videos and any other form I come across that intrigues me.


While this is the foundation of my blog, none of it is static and as our conversation continues, this blog will evolve.


Ethics Policy

In this blog and website, I strive to the highest ethical standards.


I will strive to always do right by my readers with my goal to be clear and transparent consistently. Not every Thursday of the week or monthly. But every day.


I will accept no advertising.


I will not write blog posts critical of any industry, company or person. I am interested in providing helpful information about communication or marketing for small business owners focusing on business-to-business, business-to-consumer or collaboration within the organization.


I will recommend products or books, unsolicited by company or publisher. I won’t accept any free product to review it. Full disclosure: I’ll probably check out the latest books, digital and print, from my local library. At this time I won’t receive review copies from publishers. Also, I will only review books I like or think have valuable information. Authors receive enough negative reviews; I’m not interested in that.


I will provide content for you that you find relevant or fun, or both. I want all content to be worth your while to read. I’m also aware that I will fall short sometimes. Feel free to let me know when that happens. But let’s have a productive conversation. Give me some constructive feedback or ideas about what you’d like to read.


Non-negotiable: I will delete any comments that I deem racist, sexist, misogynistic, or mean-spirited or rude to other commenters. If you’re not happy about this, enjoy reading other blogs. Here, let’s follow civil netiquette.


I will make mistakes. Let me know when you see them. I’ll try to correct them. If it’s a difference of opinion, let’s talk.


I will work to  avoid a conflict of interest. If I write about a client, I’ll let you know.


I will promise to regularly monitor the Center for Digital Ethics & Policy and other likeminded groups to study best practices for bloggers and writers in the digital space.



Sandra Linville-Thomas